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If You Are...

A Start-Up Looking To Start Up

A Non-US Based Business Needing to Set Up Stateside

A Growing Organization With Limited HR

Hiring From the College Market ...

For Start-Ups

We help start-ups, start up.  Companies with angel, seed and/or VC funding often find themselves needing well trained and cutting edge employees - FAST!  Hidden Gems specializes in locating current or recent college graduates to fill your immediate work needs. 

For Non-US Based Companies

If you have a Non-US company looking to set up in the U.S. you face multiple hurdles. You need people to set up an office, manage it and then do the daily work. Hidden Gems works with you to hire the right people to make that set up go smoothly.  Additionally we find:

  • People familiar with the U.S. regulatory climate.
  • Managers familiar with your industry and country of origin.
  • Bi-Lingual Employees.

For Growing Organizations

Hidden Gems is a business consultancy service specializing in the undergraduate college, and advanced degree, market. We assist you in your growth by quickly locating applicants for hard-to-fill positions.  

Hidden Gems Specializes In ...

  • Locating those perfect college students or recent graduates for: 
    • Internships & Co-Ops  
    • Long-term & Short-term Projects 
    • Direct Full-Time Hires

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